October – An Important Month!

  October is an important month.  It’s a good thing it ends at Halloween and Meeting of the Minds, because the previous thirty days are serious business.

     Two very important international issues are addressed by declaring October both National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

     While both of these things effect everyone in every walk of life, women are most likely to the victims.  You say domestic violence effects children, as well, and even men can develop breast cancer.  True in both cases, so let’s not lose sight of those facts.

     There is something every one of us can do about both of these problems.  Assuming you the reader are not a practitioner of domestic violence, you can jump on board with any of several groups and organizations that battle these scourges.  I’m providing a pair of urls for sites that can assist you in heading the right direction on both, below.

     I advocate for you to join these battles at the organizational level, of course.

     More than that, I’m asking Shore Waders and my Parrot Head, artist, music fans, and other friends, to take a more active role:

1.) Donate your money only to groups and organizations that give 100% of their donated funds for the battle, or spend a minimal amount on admin fees.  Almost every community has a volunteer group that receives no compensation for their charitable work in these two areas.  You can fine them if you look.

2.)  Be interactive.  Breast cancer can be cured if caught early in most cases, or prevented.  Encourage your family, loved ones, and friends to get breast exams, mammograms, and annual physicals. Domestic violence is even more insidious than cancer. It creeps into lives just as unnoticed as cancer, but there are few handy preventive measures we can recommend to people.

     First, don’t do it yourself.  Second, if you suspect it, say something.  Offer assistance, or safe haven, or notify authorities if you fear helping may effect your own safety.

     I don’t mean to make it seem overly simple.  It’s not.  It’s a tangled web. You may know someone that is living with domestic violence or sexual abuse right now, and you don’t suspect a thing.

     That’s why I’m asking you to talk about it. Mention that October is the month designated to raise awareness of these dual issues.  By talking about it at the water cooler or break room, you make it known that you are someone who cares.  This may encourage a victim come forward and talk to you about their problem.  Importantly, be sure that they know that you can and will help.

     Below are a couple of starting places to boost your understanding of what is available, and what can be done to help decrease instances of both breast cancer and domestic violence.

    Working together, we can make a difference.

Domestic Violence Awareness:   http://www.ncadv.org/

Breast Cancer Awareness:  http://www.nbcam.org/

Hello World! Another voice on the Web…….

I always bill myself as a ‘starving writer’.  There can be much heated discussion regarding that term.  Case in point; one glance at the corpulent carcass I present, dispels the myth of my being a starving anything.  It seems that the jury is still out on the second part of that description. I’ll invariably take issue with those who disagree.  

As long as I can remember, I’ve been verbose, overbearingly talkative, and been recording my thoughts on some form of media.  Paper, for most of my life, and lately on the hard drives and memory of my computers.  Words have been my madness, pleasure, pastime, obsession, and cause of irritation to most everyone around me.  Many times I will dissect every word, not just the sentences or statements,  I hear.  I will twist words into meaningless mambo-jumbo, for my own amusement, and endless  consternation of those around me.  It’s especially troublesome to my friends and family, I might add.

I’ll walk through a public place or party, mentally spinning stories about those around me, without any knowledge of their lives.  I like to believe my versions of their lives, are much more interesting than the ones they actually live.  I’ll bet that 99.9 % of the time, I’m right.

Cocky?  I’ve been called that.  Forward?  That too.  Those things, as well as snarky, mouthy, foolish, conceited, hedonistic, and a plethora of epithets I could never recall or have the energy to repeat here.  It’s my deeply rooted belief, that those are just a few of the things that differentiate you and I from those who do not write.  I don’t think they can understand our need to be heard, even though many of us have nothing substantive to contribute.  The drive to write is “a blessing and a curse,” as the popular saying goes.  A blessing, that there are some who wish to speak out, entertain, and inform.  A curse because we are to remain separate from the milling masses.  We are destined to be misunderstood, yet for the most part, tolerated.  Longing for acceptance, our differences are rarely embraced during our lifetimes.

I hope to contribute something to society while still squirming around the surface.  I hope you’ll see fit to join me on that journey, and monitor how I’m doing.

Write on!